Narmada, a beautiful river which is worshipped as a goddess and its pious water is believe to have purifying effect for mind and soul, the river holds great religious significance and it also creates many fascinating pictures throughout its course. It originates from Amarkantak and flows through the heart of India. 

Amarkantak is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh, near the border of Madhya Pradesh and chattishgarh. The place lies among thick forest covering in the hills of Maikal Mountain Range it owes its religious significance from the fact that it’s the place of origin of Narmada. It is also the place of origin of the river Sone.

It is a centre of pilgrimage for Hindus, there are many old and beautiful temples here and the ambiance is perfect for the devotional souls. There are many spots here which are associated with the names of many ancient sages viz Bhrigu, kapil , adi sankarachya , kabir to name a few. 

But ,the mortals who yearn for nature and adventure would find the place interesting either ; it houses many holy ponds and rivulets, wooded surroundings, lofty hills, beautiful waterfalls and many more idyllic spots and a lot to explores for adventure buffs…..

The place is peaceful and has a sublime ecosystem one can enjoy mellowed walk in the lap of the nature. But very basic amenities are available to the visitors. No ATMs there & the worst part is non availability of decent eateries , or better to say unavailability of eateries at all ,though the main area of the town has few dhabas but I never found them serving anything more than tea. The only place where visitors can have some refreshments is a small shop named sarvodaya coffee house which serves dosa, idly, tea, jalebi, poha, cold-drinks etc needless to say we survived there only on dosas and idilies . Power cuts are also frequent, so be sure before checking-in, that the hotel has a power backup. Ignore these facts and you will find the place beautiful and worth a visit especially during or post monsoon. 

Every thing in Amarkantak can be visited leisurely in 2 days. Most of the important spots are within 3 to 4 kms radius from the main area of the town, only kapil-dhara and dudh-dhara (twin waterfalls on Narmada) are located about 7kms away.

Places of Interest

•  Narmada mandir( group of temples and Narmada Udgam)
•  Yantra Temple
•  Sonmuda(sunrise point)
•  Twin waterfalls (kapil dhara and dudh dhara)
•  Ma-ki-bagia, bhrigu kamandal
•  Sarvodya Jain Temple
•  Jwaleshwar Mahadev