Cruise Bookings

Why Cruising?

Why should you consider a cruise for your next vacation? Or why should you consider combining a cruise with your next land vacation? We provide answers to these questions and also dispel some myths about cruising.

What are the benefits of taking a Cruise ?
Here are the benefits:
1. You pay just once and it includes it all
2. No packing and unpacking every night
3. No taxis from stations and airports to various hotels
4. A wide range of cuisine options to choose from
5. Cruises to every destination are available and of varying lengths
6. Cabin types to suit every budget
7. Don’t come back from your holiday needing another holiday – cruises are so relaxing that you come back refreshed
8. Plenty of onboard activities to choose from to keep you and your children going – most included in the price
9. Shore excursions: It’s not like you are on board the ship all the time. You can get off at exotic ports of call and experience destinations with minimum hassle.
10. Family time: It’s the best option for families. You get to see new and exotic places without the hassle of taking your kids from station to airport. Cruise companies offer baby sitting facilities if you want to enjoy a shore excursion or some onboard entertainment that the children may not.
11. To achieve this, we have a dedicated team of trained cruise consultants who will match the cruise ships and destinations at a price that’s right for you.
12. There is a cruise to suit every age, every budget, and for every reason. You can sail across the 7 seas (and some rivers too) on a cruise. With our unparalleled expertise in the world of cruising, you can be rest assured of a cruise vacation of a lifetime.

You need not look any further; your cruise vacation begins right here!

Our Expertise : So nobody in India knows cruises better than we do. Dedicated, professionally trained cruise consultants will help you plan your cruise vacation providing you with unbiased and in-depth information on cruise liners and the destinations they sail to.

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